Assembly Lubricant

Our “Ultra Gel Moly Lube” has been specially formulated for pre-lubricating the pushrod tip and adjusting screw on our most extreme applications.

Pre-lubrication of adjusting screws before use is very important. It is recommended that a high zinc content assembly lube be used to prevent galling on the initial start up.


Do not use this product on roller rocker tip. Lube/Paste often prevents oil from reaching and cooling the critical areas. Use low viscosity oil to prime rockerarm rollers and pin.

Do not use anti seize of any kind on pushrod tups and adjusting screws. Anti seize contains soft metal particles that turn abrasive at high temperature and does not allow the engine oil to coat the friction points properly.

assembly lubricants
PART #Description
710101.5 oz. Ultra Gel Moly Lube - Syringe Sampler
7101023 oz. Ultra Gel Moly Lube - Grease Gun Cartridge
7101033 oz. Ultra Gel Moly Lube - Jar
7101048 oz. Ultra Gel Moly Lube - Jar
7101053 oz. Grease Gun
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