Tool Steel


Tool Steel

S-7 tool steel 3 piece pushrods are the World Champions Choice, they are the strongest pushrod ever produced.

  • S-7 high speed tool steel is an extremely dense material which is normally used to produce chisels and hammers; this creates a stiffer and stronger column.
  • Mainly used in Top Fuel, A Fuel, Blown Alcohol, Pro Modified, Nostalgia, Pulling Tractor.
  • Hemi style or non-pushrod oiling applications.
  • Extreme cylinder and spring pressures.
  • Up to 12,500 RPM
  • Up to 12,000 HP
  • Proprietary heat treated to a hardness of 53 to 56 Rockwell.
  • Variety of tips available in 8620 or H-13 Click here to see our tip selections!!
  • Individually hand crafted and inspected.
  • Verification sheet sent with each order.

Diameter Sizes:  3/8″ | 7/16″ | 1/2″ | 9/16″

Straight tube or tapered, any length or variation of taper.

Tool Steel Solid Bar Pushrods - Top Fuel, A Fuel, Blown Alcohol, Pro Modified, Nostalgia
PART#Straight PushrodsNon-Guide Plate Use
PART #Tapered PushrodsNon-Guide Plate Use
916-B7/16 x 3/8Single Taper
917-B7/16 x 3/8Dual Taper
918-B1/2 x 7/16Single Taper
919-B1/2 x 7/16Dual Taper
920-B9/16 x 1/2Single Taper
921-B9/16 x 1/2Dual Taper

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