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HD Billet Tool Steel 24V Cummins Rocker Arm Trunnions

OEM rocker arm trunnions were originally designed conservatively and in recent years this has allowed for rocker arm and pushrod issues in applications where load or performance is exceeding OEM. When the stress on the trunnion rises above what is considered a reasonable window of operation, the trunnion is not designed to support the additional load it is experiencing. Stock trunnions begin to gall themselves ,as well as the rocker arm bushing surface soon after stress surpasses those OEM levels. Within a few thousand miles, it is common for the rocker arm to seize itself to the trunnion. In effect, bending the OEM pushrod, which can cause severe damage to the engine. Our heavy duty trunnions feature larger oil supply holes, increased oil groove width and two additional oil transfer grooves along the bottom. The increase in oil will provide a more adequate amount of oil to feed a hydrodynamic wedge, which is a very thin film of oil that reduces friction by allowing the rocker arm bushing area to never contact the trunnion. Thus, increasing service life of both the rocker arm and trunnion.

Just the improvement in design wasn’t enough, we CNC machine our billet trunnions from premium tool steel bar stock. After which, they are core hardened, precision ground and nitrided. Our combination of materials, precision machining and heat treatment process’ provides a cost effective solution for extending the service life of your OEM rocker arm bodies.

Each set of trunnions comes with a rocker arm refinishing kit to polish the galled rocker arm bushing surface before putting your new, heavy duty billet tool steel trunnions in the rocker arm bodies.

Trunnions are kept in inventory and are ready to be drop shipped from our facility the same day you order!If you require additional assistance, please call (951)245-6565 or Email

2001-2016 6.6L GM Duramax Rocker Arm Shafts

With the increasing number of people reporting lifter and camshaft issues, we felt it was time to find the culprit and fix it. We followed the oil supply chain and it pointed directly to the rocker arm shaft for being the source of the these issues.

Our Duramax shafts feature a new type of radial oil transfer passage which provides full time oiling to the roller lifters via the adjusting screw and pushrod. Without this new oiling feature, the stock oiling passage in the shaft is shut off as soon as the rocker arm starts to open the valve. This can be seen when the lifters are taken apart ;The bushings will be discolored from excessive heat. In effect, any oil that reaches the bushing at this time is being overheated, contaminating the oil supply with damaged oil. All of our rocker arm shafts use a threaded plug to seal each end, eliminating any chance of an oil pressure loss from worn or poor fitted press plugs.

With valve train stability being of additional concern, we manufacture our shafts to be very stiff to provide additional support to the aluminum head. Our choice of material is .250′ wall thickness 4130 chromoly steel tubing. Each pre-heat treated shaft is CNC machined in a four axis milling center before being hard chromed and ground. We leave a hard chromed surface providing excellent wear protection in any application, including use in your daily driven Duramax.

All in all, this shaft was engineered to provide a cost effective solution for increasing service life and performance of the valve train system.

If you require additional assistance, please call (951)245-6565 or Email

**Engine Dyno testing shows HP gain of 2-3 average across entire power curve**

**Works with OEM and aftermarket valve train components**

Extreme Duty Billet Tool Steel Valve Bridges

EM Valve Bridges were originally designed for stress levels that were nowhere near what is being seen in recent years, which has allowed for rocker arm and pushrod issues to arise in performance applications. When the stress on the valve bridge exceeds what is considered a reasonable window of operation, it is not designed to support the additional load that it is experiencing. Therefore, we felt it was time to provide the industry with extreme duty valve bridges capable of far more abuse than anything the market has even seen.

Improved strength, performance and service life are goals of ours during our engineering process. Therefore, we CNC machine our valve bridges steel bar stock. After leaving the milling centers, the valve bridges are all hand inspected before being sent to heat treating for core hardening. Once returned from heat treating, each valve bridge is inspected before having the friction pad surface ground, which removes any tool marks that may cause excessive wear to the rocker arm. Bridges then have their surface nitrided, creating a very slick and hard surface to provide excellent wear protection and reduction of friction. Our combination of materials, precision machining and heat treatment process’ provides a cost-effective solution for reducing friction and extending the service life.

Last but certainly not least, correct pushrod length will allow you to keep stock rocker geometry, allowing the friction surface of the rocker arm to ride the correct contact area of the valve bridge. If you have made any changes to the engine requiring custom length pushrods, we sell pushrod length checking tools with proper ball and cup radii to replicate the OEM pushrod in all diesel engines.

If you require additional assistance, please call (951)245-6565 or Email

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