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3-Piece Design

To fully grasp the significance of our modular pushrods, it's crucial first to understand the role of a pushrod in an engine. A pushrod functions as a conduit, transmitting a mechanical signal from the lifter to the rocker arm, and is meant to do so without distorting that signal or damaging the components around it. For the pushrod to accomplish this it needs to be selected properly; a mismatch can lead to inaccurate valve timing, lost lift or even engine failure. The ideal pushrod not only maximizes horsepower but also enhances the durability of the valve train. This choice hinges on several factors: length, diameter, wall thickness, materials, heat treatment, and end configurations, all tailored to the engine's specifics.

We produce modular 3-piece pushrods for two main reasons. First is so that we can chose different materials and heat treatments for each section allowing the ends to be a better bearing and the center to be a better loading column. Second is that it allows for greater customization for the customer.

The pushrods tips primarily need to be good bearings. This means they need to be verry hard and exceptionally wear resistant this is different to the center of the pushrod because it doesn’t need to be a good bearing but does have to be stiff and tough. Because of this if we made the entire pushrod out of the ideal tip material the pushrod would be too brittle and break under load. However, if we made the pushrod out of the ideal center section material the tips would quickly wear out. Generally, with a 1-piece pushrod they go the route of using a good center section material for the entire pushrod this creates major issues first that the 1-piece pushrod will not be able to have the service life of a 3-piece pushrod as the ends will wear out sooner. Second is that to be able to form the ball end on a thin wall pushrod you have to leave the tube soft compromising the stiffness of the center section.

When it comes to making a pushrod tailored specifically to your engine it is vital to use a 3-piece design. This is because with a 1-piece pushrod the manufacturing process is so long that it is unreasonable to make a pushrod to order so you have to stock a variety of pushrod options, predicting what someone might need. With this the customer will be sold the best available option but not the perfect option for them. We get around this with a 3 piece pushrod because all of the things that makes manufacturing a pushrod take so long is are all associated with making it a good bearing surface, and most of the things you would want to make custom about the pushrod have to do with the center section. So, all we have to do is stock a variety of pushrod tips and make each center section to order. This allows us to offer more exact lengths, custom tapers, mix matched ends, and varying diameters and tubing wall thicknesses.

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