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Quite often pushrods can be repaired/modified. Most of the time if a pushrod needs to be repaired; the pushrod tip is the area in need of replacement. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with the proper tools to do this job efficiently. Another request we often can accomplish is to shorten pushrods. This procedure is much more time-consuming but can still be cost effective in some cases. Usually, the most a pushrod can be shortened is approximately -.150 or one hundred fifty thousandths. This is due to the ream depth inside the tube.

Whatever you are trying to accomplish, please call with any questions BEFORE you send the pushrods back to us. Calling first could eliminate a lot of frustration and unnecessary shipping expenses.

  • We only repair/modify pushrods that we have manufactured.
  • If parts are damaged during repair or modification, we are not liable to replace them.
  • We will only repair/modify a pushrod one time.
  • We will not repair/modify Series 1, 2, 4 or 9.
  • Normally it is only cost effective to repair/modify a Series 5 tapered part.
  • It usually takes 1 week to repair pushrods.
  • Some pushrods can’t be repaired/modified, they should just be cycled out.

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